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Creating mobile applications for the year (2021) has become very easy through electronic platforms, we have chosen for you the best sites and platforms for making applications, to choose the appropriate platform, you must read this article in which we will explain, the most important reality and applications that enable you to create applications.

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: MobEasy

Mobizi is the first Arab platform for making applications without writing code or any pre-programmed background. And the first in the world to create mobile applications from your phone and without the need for a computer, you can use Mobisi from anywhere from your phone to create your application.

Mobizi provides you with an easy, smooth and fast environment to create mobile applications from your phone. The Mobizi application allows you to create applications that you can change their content without the need to update your application via the Google Play Store.

And you can do dozens of things in Mobisi without the need for any user updates. You can profit from Mobisi by creating applications that contain Google ads or Facebook ads.

Mobisi is the first platform in the world to manufacture applications from the phone to the phone, and the first in the Arab world in the manufacture of applications without programming.

: appsgeyser

It's a simple tool to create, download, distribute and monetize your app. Make Android apps in less than ten minutes with App Creator, with no programming or coding experience.

How to become an app maker? Create a unique mobile app experience to engage users around the world Realize your imaginations in the app making paradigm Express yourself and your creativity while creating apps Target the largest app marketplace with over 1 billion users: Google Play Store.

Show your apps to friends, customers and users all over the world Make Android Apps go viral and become famous Are you tired of the boring daily job that doesn't bring in much money? Become a mobile app developer and make money online with android apps, you need 0$ and no coding skills to create an apps project, appsgeyser is the solution.

: Mobile

Your application Publish your application, on the App Store and Play Store and download from there, Mobile Roadie is one of the best sites used by designers, in making applications of various kinds, such as games and chat applications, and it also provides you with an integrated environment for making applications.Create your own application Your free in three easy steps, enter the name of the application, enter the name of the application and the goal of the application, to create the good application, add the features you want, drag and drop the features that fit the idea of ​​the application, publish

: GoodBarber

Create a professional mobile app from GoodBarber for App Design Native and Progressive Web App Builder for E-Commerce and Content Management Offers you a 30-day free trial No credit card required Most powerful app builder for iOS, Android and PWA app creation Use the best Techniques to create your own shopping app.

Progressive Web Only Provide the best user experience for shopping on your phone GoodBarber allows you to design your e-commerce app using the most advanced mobile technologies Stop looking for ways to create a mobile shopping app. Smartphones are a prerequisite, to do business online so far, native apps and apps


A multi-purpose, low-code application development platform is a low-code application development platform that makes creating hybrid mobile apps, web applications, and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) the online mobile development platform transcends categories. Mobile devices with background services, you don't have to install anything and you can get started right away, just choose the components, or application templates available, and assemble your own user interface.

: Shoutem

An app maker where you only need your imagination to create ideas for your app, Test your app ideas with Shoutem is an easy to use Android and iOS app builder, Create your own app idea, Create your app for $49.

Use the ready-made templates to start developing your app, Shoutem's app builder can help you develop apps in no time using your unrequired coding language skills.

: AppMachine

Easily create an app using cryptographic building blocks Use your website content and choose a theme or start from scratch Build an app in a matter of hours Use AppMachine to create fast professional mobile apps Windows Phone Android It's easy and fast! iOS. High-quality, affordable apps Steps: Scan your website, build, design, publish, and promote.

: AppYourself

Easily create apps on your own, no programming language needed, be ready to go right away, introduction to the world of apps without an IT project, AppYourself lets you when frequent customer contact is required or necessary, AppYourself helps with many possibilities. For example through:

Take orders (shop)

Processing service requests (chat)

Customer activation (push notifications)

Data exchange (document scanner)

Online job opportunities in the field of the Internet work remotely Hassan blog

These jobs are comfortable work in your home, flexible working hours and stable income based on the number of lessons to be learned successfully, in this school, training on experiences and referrals with the curriculum offered by a training program for students, regulars and the potential for personal growth to impact the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

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Earning from the Internet

What does profit from the Internet mean from a distance?

Working remotely, i.e. communicating experiences, information and products to others without connecting to them directly.

Example of some remote jobs:

Design Services

  Whether it is engineering, software, graphics, etc... You can work in the field of design remotely and sell it online. You can also work by providing your services remotely to the owners of companies, laboratories and website owners ....Read more..... about design functions.

Teaching services

 Of all kinds, you can teach remotely, whether by writing or through audio-visual programs for a certain price, or through recorded seminars and selling them online and much more.....Read more... about teaching jobs.

- e-commerce services

  Selling on the Internet by subscribing to some websites, some of which provide you with products and other sites that sell you the product and you only have to promote the product in a way that helps the products arrive in a smooth and easy way by creating your own store or by advertising the product to be sold through the media such as social media or other more.... about e-commerce.

Writing services 

The job of writing and blogging online You can work by writing topics for owners of companies and factories and sell them online. As for blogging, you can create a website and blogs and write exclusive articles that contain interesting content to attract visitors and readers and as a result you activate ads on them to make a profit more... About profit from writing.

Advertising services

 You can make profit from advertisements. You can work in the field of online advertising by creating a YouTube channel and linking it to social networking sites. When you get a large number of followers by providing content that attracts visits and attracts the attention of viewers, you will get a lot of profits by activating ads as in blogging. For website owners and companies to communicate with you for the purpose of their advertisements on your channel more.... About earning from YouTube.

Programming services 

You can work in the field of programming and make profit from it. There are two ways to profit from programming. When you learn programming languages, you can work remotely in the field of programming the web, applications and electronic platforms and sell them online, and the second way is to sell an online programming education more.... Programming services.

Voice Services

 This job is for people who have a clear and pure voice. They can find a job on the Internet online and remotely by recording an audio clip, for example: My name is So-and-so. I can do an audio commentary for 10 minutes for a sum of such and such and publish the audio with the mailing address, and you will be contacted and the service will be delivered online and achieved. profit from it You can use your voice in dubbing more... Voice Services.

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Companies that provide domain name and web hosting services

The three most important sites that provide domain name and hosting services, a comparison of the three best sites that offer suitable web hosting for all web business.

Shortening the time to search and struggle for the best hosting, although there are thousands of sites that offer hosting, but these are the most successful and famous sites in this field.

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Besides web hosting, you'll also find that GoDaddy's domain finder makes finding a domain name easy. And at reasonable prices.

GoDaddy also features cPanel integration, so if you need to migrate a site from one host to another, you'll have an easy time doing so.

Also according to the GoDaddy website, they guarantee 99% uptime for your site.

Services offered by GoDaddy

Provides domain name service at the best prices

Provides website creation and e-commerce services

One-click hosting installation service for WordPress

Offer hosting service whether you want to host one website or 100 websites

Provides protection service for all its services web security

Office and email service is provided by the company


One of the fastest loading times you'll find anywhere, and it also has a 99.98% uptime guarantee (often working at 100%).

Not only that, HostGator packages are competitively priced, offer great customer support, and provide a great user experience overall. Learn more about HostGator.

Services offered by HostGator

Unmetered bandwidth

Bring all the traffic you want

Domain Registration and Domain Registration

Claim your name and get yourself online.

SSL Certificate

WordPress installs in one click

If you're not happy, we'll refund your hosting fee at first 45 days.

24/7/365 Guaranteed Support

99% uptime guarantee

e-commerce tools

Create an online store so you can sell your goods and services.

$150 for Google Ads

ائتمان جيد لمنتج رائع يجلب المزيد من الزوار.

cPanel access

know what to do? Do you have it, codemaster.

If you're not happy, we'll refund your hosting fee at first 45 days.


Just a second close to HostGator, Bluehost cloud service offers a 99.96% uptime guarantee and lags by just a fraction of a millisecond. If you are not very familiar with computer technologies, you will appreciate Bluehost's user-friendly format that is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Check out our full Bluehost review.

Services offered by Bluehost

Web-on-demand format language

Manage your CSS rules right inside the builder dashboard.

Enjoy access to hundreds of free-to-use stock photos library.

direct editing View changes to your website in real time during construction, before publishing.

Quick Start Smart Templates Forget cutting out cookies. Create custom templates around your preferences.

Unlimited Downloads Upload custom photos, videos, music, etc. without restrictions.

Click on Access WordPress Easily switch back and forth between Builder and WordPress while customizing.

Normal fonts Choose from our selection of fonts or upload your own favourites.

Reliable Web Hosting Every Builder plan comes with WordPress-recommended Bluehost hosting at its core.

Create a virtual company online

It is easy to set up a virtual trading company via the Internet, five basic steps to build a virtual company to be able to provide unique and pioneering services in commercial markets around the world, allowing your company to benefit from clear competitive advantages in the electronic market.

On our part, Al-Hassan Distance Learning Schools provide free explanations, through this simple and modest blog. We also provide detailed video and audio explanations.

It is prepaid, and our schools offer direct, remote training in all electronic disciplines, such as e-commerce, designing and creating web pages and teaching programming languages, to make it easier for you to enter the world of web, technology and information.

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The steps are:

- Step One: Choosing the "idea" for establishing a company and your experience in managing it

- Step Two: Finding the company’s legal building requirements and the required evidence

- Step Three: Study the full cost of the company. Do not use everything you have to build your project

- Step Four: Do the necessary research to determine the market need for the company's products

-Step Five: Choosing the name of the company and the appropriate brand for the company's products

The company supplies are:

- An electronic commercial record authenticated by the country of residence

- Opening a commercial bank account for a company

- A company website

- Company Email

- Fixed phone number

- Employing a number of individuals to run a company's business

Difference between a private company and a virtual company

Company is private

A private company is made up of a few individuals who all own all the shares in the company.

Private limited companies are unable to raise funds in the capital markets because they are not listed on a stock exchange, and will have to resort to borrowing funds from banks and other lending entities.

The advantages of private companies are that they are not required to answer to shareholders, and their reporting requirements are limited as they do not have to disclose all of their information.

In the event of selling the shares, the shareholders may not sell the shares without the consent of the rest of the shareholders. Moreover, it is possible for a private company to start its commercial activities as soon as it is established.

Private companies are not allowed to issue a prospectus, due to their legal formation which makes it impossible for them to sell shares to the public.

Default Company

The most successful and smartest alternative to starting or expanding a business today is the Virtual Company.

If you are new to the term virtual companies, it is a service that provides companies with a physical address without the high costs of physical company space, it eliminates the lengthy rental process that leads to hiring administrative staff, paying for services and equipment, etc.

Virtual partnerships for small businesses combine the physical aspects of having a real office address with the many other benefits of working remotely.

You get activities such as mail, conference, messaging, and reception services, among others.

However, virtual businesses allow employees to work remotely, which translates to lower costs for the brand, and more flexibility and efficiency from workers.

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2 Concept Default company

So much demanded and pioneering that it is getting a lot of attention, especially in North America, there are countless advantages for virtual businesses, so many entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world are participating in this new form of business management.

It is also possible to find interesting e-books filled with valuable content about virtual businesses. e-Companies is set up as the "DaVinciVirtual" virtual office provider, operating in 50 countries, 1,500 locations, 5,000 meeting places, and nearly 40,000 clients.

Amazon now offers e-books with more information about running your virtual business.

Tools that are used in the development, industry and web

Are you looking for tools to help you design and create web pages, and what are the creative tools? There are many applications and sites that provide you with these tools, but in this explanation we will make it easier for you by shortening all these tools using the Adobe suite. We will start our project from scratch until professionalism.

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1- Dreamweaver

 Learn what you can do with Dreamweaver Helps you design and layout web pages in all programming languages, and if you are not good at writing code and code, Dreamweaver will do the coding for you and provides ready-made templates that you can modify quickly and easily and display them directly to you without moving outside the page and you can save them on a device where Dreamweaver is installed and publish them on the web And move between pages very quickly

2- Adobe Photoshop

is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Corporation for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, originally created 1988 by Thomas Knoll and John Knoll. Since then, the program has become the industry standard for not only editing bitmap graphics, digital art, you can use it to create photos, videos, logos, branding and more....

3- Adobe Bridge 

A program that handles asset management, or in other words, it is an organizer of images and designs within the Adobe Creative Suite and also comes with the standalone version, from Photoshop, Adobe Bridge is used for batch file management, such as renaming files or editing other metadata, Adobe Bridge is not necessarily a program used to create or make visual modifications to actual content, instead think of it as a useful assistant to all other Adobe programs.

4- Adobe Acrobat X Pro

 Acrobat X Adobe is used to create powerful PDF files. It allows you to set backgrounds, isolate or resize individual pages. It even allows you to add video, audio, and interaction to PDF documents.

5- Adobe Fireworks is a great program that works mainly with vector graphics and with some tools, for editing bitmaps, but Fireworks is geared towards developing web and mobile applications, Adobe Fireworks can also design almost any interactive graphic, and it allows you to create all From data frames, and aimed specifically at developers, in general it's useful Adobe software although it lacks some of the editing capabilities found in Illustrator, Fireworks can also create great user interfaces, websites and interactive websites in a great format.

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6- Illustrator 

Application is a well-known program for resolution-independent graphics or the so-called vector, and it works very similar to Photoshop, but Photoshop is used to create non-resolution bitmap images or what is called Raster.

What is Vector and what is Raster?

The main difference between the two is that Vector has less detail but can be resized without losing quality. Vector also consists of lines, curves, and geometric data, in contrast Raster graphics are made up of individual pixels.

Illustrator is typically used to create logos and graphics for business cards, graphs, animations, and banners, and because Vector is not dependent on size, Illustrator can be used to design a small card but then scale it to a bulletin board size without losing quality.


< span style="color: #666666;">After we get familiar with these tools, you can visit the Adobe website, and register through Email and get to use these tools 15-day trial period for free.

How to monetize YouTube and get the most followers and watch hours

The first step to profit from YouTube is to choose unique and popular content. Examples of content that work well and are profitable are game videos that contain distinctive and exciting clips and tutorialsFrom which you can choose some ideas, and it is preferable that you develop and modify them. And the content of the products, such as weight loss, challenges, comedy, humor, etc., where there are many profitable content.

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YouTube profit guide for beginners and steps to take profits

-Create a professional YouTube channel, meet the minimum eligibility requirements to enable monetization features

- Get more than 1000 real subscribers to activate monetization features

-Get more than 4000 watch hours to activate monetization features

- To enable the activation of ads on videos, the length of the video must be at least 10 minutes

How to get followers and views

Create unique and interesting content to grab viewers' attention

Create useful and effective content to get followers

Create high-quality content in terms of sound and image, and use attractive colors

Create an advertising campaign for the channel in general and videos in particular by promoting it on the media, social media, acquaintances, etc...

Ways to earn from the channel YouTube
Flowers in Chania

There are many ways to profit from the YouTube channel that many content creators do not know, the most important of which are:

1- Profit by linking a YouTube channel to a Google Adsense account, and activating ads on videos Profits are calculated through ad clicks, views and appearances, and calculating a percentage of subscriptions in the experience of not showing ads for some subscribers, and the profit rate is 55% for the owner of the channel and 45% for YouTube.

2- When your channel gets a large number of followers and views, professionals and merchants will contact you to provide videos and explanations, talk about their work or products they offer, and pay money for advertising them through your channel.

3- Profit from owners of small channels, websites and blogs by providing support to them directly through your channel.


< span style="color: #666666;">There are no restrictions on the content you can create on YouTube to monetize but YouTube is responsible for protecting YouTube users, creators, and advertisers on its platform from harmful, abusive, and illegal content.
The YouTube Partner Program enables you to earn money by providing high quality content.

Export pages and posts in the first search results Professional in the field (SEO)

To become a professional in the field of SEO, you must know the most important reasons that help you to improve appearance in search engines. Simple conditions

  for best results.

Legitimate and natural ways to improve a website's ranking.

Flowers in Chania

 Write unique content for your site to attract more viewers and improve SEO.

  •  Write unique content for your site to attract more viewers and improve SEO.
  •  Article keywords that help improve SEO.
  •  Text writing and text formatting help your site advance in search engines.
  • Analyzing text in search engines for mismatches helps improve your site in search engines.
  •  Paid ads by companies that help your site appear in the first search results.
  • Correct site settings help your site appear in search engines.
  • The method of promoting through social media to increase the number of visitors helps improve the visibility of your site in search engines.
  • Payment messages for subscribing via email increase the number of visitors and help improve your site's visibility in search engines.

The most important conditions to apply

1- Write unique and useful articles for a specific audience

- Internet users and search engines do the task of categorizing and evaluating good articles than others. The main thing before writing a professional article

  is to find the right idea or topic, without getting that. You should not expect your article to get a lot of reading

  The right topic means that you know what to write, for whom you will write, and who your target audience is.

2- Choose attractive and clear titles that have the long tail

- Statistics indicate that most Internet surfers are only interested in the search results on the first page. Your site will rise to the top of the search pages

 This will be an inexhaustible reservoir of monthly visits.

- Choosing the long-tail keywords that contain the words and expressions that the largest number of readers search for, based on which a successful SEO campaign will be


3- Register and subscribe to Google Search Console

- Registration in the Google Search Console site is free. It only requires you to prove ownership of the site through an email or provider

 The domain URL service.

- Go to the Google Search Console control panel and add sitemaps, meaning page titles and posts. It makes an indexing request


- Search the control panel for Web and Tools, from which you choose the data encoding, which helps you determine how it will appear on search engines


After completing this stage, Google Search Console Assistant will periodically rank your pages on search engines and inform you about the performance of your pages and posts. Through these tools, you can improve to appear in the first search results.

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Create a professional online store and link it to Affiliate sites

Start creating your online store with simple steps and in a short time, Al-Hassan Teaching Schools offer this free lesson through Explanation of some easy and simple methods, you do not need to know programming or design.

We will explain the most important platforms that offer you ready-made stores. All you have to do is register, subscribe, and choose an appropriate plan for the field you chose to specialize in, because specialization is the secret of success.

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أهم المنصات


is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, which is also the name of its e-commerce platform for online stores, and retail point of sale systems. The Internet is a range of services, including payment, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools.

2- Expandcart 

The most comprehensive and integrated platform in the Arab world, which allows you to build a professional online store, and start your confident steps in the world Entrepreneurship.Sell online all the possible tools at your fingertips to create a powerful online store and start selling instantly.Sell on any platform Increase your profit chances, and showcase your products, in front of millions of potential customers on all available sales channels.Sell Offline Enjoy instant sync to all your stores, And complete flexibility to track everything using the POS system.

3- Shop go 

For the easiest and fastest way to create an online store, selling via the Internet is very easy, e-commerce solutions were built in ShopGo to make creating and managing your online store.

( Shop go ) is the partner you need to launch your online store in the Middle East and North Africa. We are the link between all the important partners in the fields of technology, shipping and payment solutions to make selling online very fast and easy.

You don't need any technical expertise or programming background, because our turnkey solution provides beginners and experts alike with all the tools they need to successfully run and grow their e-business.

4- Amazon

The largest and most popular online retailer in terms of total sales, started as an online bookstore, and later diversified Sells DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and CDs, downloads and streams video, downloads and streams MP3s, downloads audiobooks, software, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, and jewelry, and also produces consumer electronics.

5- Al-Matajjer iShops

E-commerce platform, start your e-commerce and own your own e-commerce website and application with all the advantages of e-commerce And at the lowest costs and without problems or complications, and you can manage everything easily through the use of your mobile phone, to easily follow up on store and customer orders at any time with simple steps.

6- Alibaba

The world's largest online B2B commerce platform, Alibaba provides manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers, wholesalers and products The quality of Alibaba Group Holdings, is a Chinese company owned by the Chinese private sector that earns most of its revenues from its online business activities, including a shopping search engine, cloud computing services, online payment services, wholesale and retail trade, as well as a public market aimed at facilitating trade between Companies, individuals and traders both international and Chinese.

You can visit these platforms and see all the services, compare them, and then register and subscribe to one of the available plans.

 How to promote products

A ready-made news feed in html format for websites and blogs

How to make an animated bar to write the latest news and offers, an animated news bar in html format for your blog, an animated addition to the title The importance of the animated bar, it is animated text messages. Today we will explain how to make animated text only without links, you may use it to put a welcome message For visitors or news about a specific topic, or anything you want to write to attract the attention of visitors in an easy, beautiful and mobile way.

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خصائص الشريط المتحرك يصيغة html

This add-on is that you can control all its properties in terms of movement from right to left or vice versa or even from top to bottom and also and vice versa. Beautiful you will recognize her during the explanation.

Copy the following code and its attribute into the html page where you want the ad to appear

it will look like this

Put the text you want here

1- To change the speed of the animated text, change the number following the word scrolldelay. The speed is 200 and you can control it as you like.

Note: the lower the speed value, the faster the text movement (100 faster than 200)

2- The word width means the height of the width of the box that will contain the text, and it can be controlled by changing its value here in the code to (300px).

3. The word height means the length of the box that will contain the text and it can be controlled by changing its value here in the code by (25).

4. The word direction means that the movement of the text will go from left to right, and you can control the direction, as we mentioned in the beginning of the topic, in any direction by changing the existing value, which is right, for example:

From right to left put the word left From top to bottom put the word down

5. The word bgcolor means the background color of the text or the box containing the text. You can choose the colors that suit you by changing the color code in the code (#3BB9FF).

6. The word font color means the color of the font, that is, the color of the text that you will write. You can also choose what suits you by changing this color code (#000000) and you can choose the colors that suit you.

Affiliate Marketing Best Affiliate Sites 2021 Affiliate Marketing Al Hassan Education Blog

Affiliate product marketing sites is one of the areas of online marketing, so we can display goods and products on our website and promote them so that we can sell them for a big profit.

How to work on Affiliate sites

Every marketer working in the marketing or affiliate field gets a percentage of the profits on every sale made through him.

Trade companies and manufacturers require marketers to advertise and promote their products, as a marketer, you will get a unique link that you start promoting to make a profit.

Flowers in Chania

Affiliate sites differ from each other, and one of the most important differences that you should consider is the percentage of commission provided by each program, as well as the duration of cookies, which is very important, and given the presence of a very large group of affiliate marketing programs that exist at the present time, let us learn about the most important affiliate marketing program for this year.

Amazon Associates

You start with the well-known Amazon Associates affiliate program, which is considered one of the ideal marketing programs for beginners and experts alike, and we have already talked about it in the article “The Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from Amazon Affiliate” as this program provides variable commission rates according to each product, What is unique about Amazon is that it has millions of different products available at any time, so it gives you a greater opportunity to sell products and achieve more profit rates.

EBay Partner Network

Without a doubt, the eBay platform is considered one of the best buying and selling platforms at all. You rarely look for a product on this platform and do not find it. In addition, shopping through it can be cheaper than Amazon in many products, so the eBay Partner Network affiliate program It is definitely one of the best affiliate programs, so you can use it and promote through it if you prefer using the eBay platform on Amazon.

Target Affiliates

If you are looking for an alternative that is exactly the same as Amazon affiliate program then Target Affiliates is the perfect option for you, Target does not operate on the same domain as Amazon but they sell a very large number of products numbering in the millions and they have a lot of offers that value the sales volume .

Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy started out as a platform for buying and selling vintage and handmade goods but has grown quite a bit since then and the reason they created the Etsy Affiliate Program is that their products apply pretty much to any audience you can think of, it's a lot like Amazon but more specialized On independent content creators who sell just about everything from hand-drawn graphics to vintage game accessories, it's a treasure for many because the products on offer are so vastly different.

Overstock Affiliate Program

If you want to buy furniture for your home or office with one online marketing tour, Overstock is the perfect place. This platform basically contains everything you want from sofas, kitchen accessories, TVs, and more, and since this platform specializes in selling things he needs Almost everyone, their Overstock Affiliate Program is one of the perfect affiliate programs that you can promote through.

Souq is one of the very famous sites, especially in the Arab world, and it contains a very large number of different products. Currently, it is affiliated with Amazon. It is distinguished that they provide their own program for marketing commission, the Souq Affiliate Program that you can rely on, promote through it and get the commission that they offer.


Jumia is also one of the very popular markets in the Arab world and provides a variety of tools at reasonable prices close to the local market prices. You can also rely on their Jumia Affiliate Program to promote their products and get the profits they provide.


The Walmart platform is also similar to Amazon and has a different set of great products in addition to many home products, you can browse their products and if you like them and find them useful, you can start promoting them through their referral program walmart affiliate program and get the commission they offer.


The Clickbank platform is one of the giant platforms in the affiliate field as it is considered a suitable place for beginners and experts alike, and one of the advantages of this giant platform is that it provides a very good commission and you can choose the offer that suits you, it is worth noting that if you are a beginner and do not know how to deal with the Clickbank platform In our "Complete Guide to Earning from Clickbank" you will find all the tricks and information you need.

After I explained to you a small part of the Affiliate Marketing sites, you can search for an Affiliate site that suits your experience and work through it.

Requirements for working with websites Affiliate Marketing.

1- Register and subscribe to one of the Affiliate sites.

2- Choose an appropriate paid plan according to the possibility and need.

3- Create an online store to sell the products displayed on the Affiliate website that you have subscribed to.

4- Create an appropriate advertising campaign targeting specific countries.

5- You can hire marketers through social media.

Create a professional wordpress website

WordPress is open source software that you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is free and invaluable at the same time. Trusted by Top 42% of websites use WordPress, from blogging and hobby sites to the biggest news sites on the internet.

Expand the capabilities of WordPress with over 55,000 plugins that help your site meet your needs. Add an online e-store, galleries, albums, mailing lists, forums, statistics, analytics and a lot of features.

Al-Hassan Schools for designing all kinds of websites

Steps to create a professional WordPress site

First Step: Domain Name Reservation

Step 2: Hosting Booking

Step 3: Install WordPress

Fourth Step: Choose a WordPress Theme and Upload It.

Step 5: Customize your WordPress theme.

Step Six: Upload the Most Important Plugins

How to create a professional WordPress site

After you have chosen a domain name for your site, you will need to purchase hosting, which is where we will install WordPress and be available online.

One of the fatal mistakes when creating a professional WordPress site is choosing the wrong hosting. If you are not serious about your online project, whether it is a commercial, personal or voluntary profit site, the easiest way to fail is to choose free or very cheap hosting. But if you are serious and really want to make your project a success and get loyal visitors to your site, then you definitely need to make the issue of hosting one of your top priorities.

There are many offers available for hosting, which makes the user confused in choosing the right offer for his site. But we found a set of options that we can recommend without hesitation, the most important of which is bluehost, which offers attractive offers for every newbie and serious, especially since it is recommended by WordPress, as it gives you a free domain name, 50 GB of SSD space, free SSL certificate and many more One of the great options.

Let's start designing the website on the WordPress platform

Go to the official website (

Create your account.

Click on start creating your website on ( web )

Registration through email ( )

Choose the name of the site, preferably the same name (Domain)

Choose a domain name or use your own

Choose the plan suitable for your business. You can pay monthly or annually

Create a website on the Blogger platform in a professional way

Create an integrated website  Website</ span>  With the blogger control panel, you can choose to categorize the site according to what you want: my news, games, personal blog, biography  As it suits you on demand, create your website on the world-renowned and most popular Blogger platform.

The most important specifications of the blogger platform.

1- You can redesign your site to get a modern, distinctive and professional design, design pages as you want, such as: about you - privacy policy - contact us - terms of use - about us - site index, blogging platform to download the latest news and topics with an addition Blogger comments.

2- This platform offers you free protection, moving from http:// - https://

3- This platform provides you with a Blogger Control Panel that some see as a bit complicated, but in fact it is very easy to learn and does not require much time to learn and contains all the formatting tools you need as a blogger.

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In our topic, we will explain the tab of posts or topics that you publish on your blog and static pages such as the privacy policy page, in addition to the tab of visitors' comments on your previously published topics.

The requirements for building a website on the Blogger platform

&nbsp ;Create Blog 

Sign in to Blogger.

On the right, click the down arrow icon.

Click on New Blog.

Enter a name for your blog.

Click Next.

Select a blog title or URL.

Click Save.

Add a paid domain business address

com: for commercial use or commerce

net: to use networks

info: for informational use information

org: For non-profit organizations mostly organisation

biz: for business

edu: for educational institutions such as schools, universities and others education

- Host external storage (optional)

The best reputable hosting companies are known for my credibility.

- paid or free template that fits the business

Best Templates Sites A place to download the latest free blog templates to refresh your Blogger blog.

Blogger Templates Website

Blogger Templates Website

Blogger Templates Website

Blogger Templates Website

Requirements and requirements for building a complete web site, Al-Hassan Blog

A website is a central website, which contains a number of linked web pages.

The shapes and features of websites differ from one site to another according to the template design, templates differ according to the shape and features.

All the platforms that allow the creation of a website service are many, but the basic rules are the same.

Websites are divided into several sections.

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1- Business Websites

Commercial sites vary according to the type of trade and the type of service they provide, import and export sites, sites for selling products

Such as Store, Affiliate, Merchant Brokerage, Shipping Sites, all linked together.

2- Corporate websites

Company websites use many features such as product display, company address, business hours and holidays

One of the most important features that databases use for incoming and outgoing company statistics.

3- Personal Websites

Personal websites are used by businessmen, celebrities, web and tech lovers, and shop owners.

Professions and small enterprises to reach the largest number of followers to run their business.

1- Our internet url is called (Domen)

2- Design a template or buy a ready-made template

3- Host for storing and transferring data

4- Commercial Business Email

5- Regular mailbox for correspondence

6- A bank account for purchases and withdrawals

There are a lot of platforms for building websites, as we mentioned at the beginning, used by web companies

Which provides this service and is also used by designers and programmers, these electronic platforms are divided into two parts.

-The first section is by paying a comprehensive subscription, you only have to add the additions, such as pages, sections, titles, images and many more.

- The second section, which is free. You only have to purchase the requirements they mentioned, and you link them to your website that you created

Protocol used:

One of the most famous examples of protocols used in websites is the protocol for transferring the address from http to // secure HTTPS. This section is followed by a colon and two safety bars. This type of protocol informs the user and the browser about the protocol.


What is the difference between blogs and websites, they are similar to each other in terms of form and content.

The blog has limited pages and posts. The website has no page limit, and you can add a dedicated blog section within the site.

Blogs are used in many fields such as news, magazines, articles, explanations and many more uses.

How to Create a Professional Blogger Blog

Sign in to Blogger with your lovely email.

On the right, click the down arrow icon.

Click on New Blog.

Enter a name for your blog.

Click Next.

Select a blog title and URL.

Click on Save.

Manage Blog Settings

Title The title of your blog.

Description Describe your blog.

Blog language The language of your blog.

Adult Content This setting indicates that your blog content contains adult content

Site ID (Google Analytics) Favorite symbol

Create a Professional WordPress Blog

It is preferable that the name be related to the field in which you will work, or related to the content you wish to publish.

You should also search carefully, and check that there is not already a blog with the same name. In this case you should always keep alternate names.

Select Payment Plan

You can always take advantage of the free plan or you can buy a domain and hosting.

Step Three

When you press the Continue button, you will be taken to another page containing several other data.

In the first field, write the name of the blog.

In the second box, write the field or specialty to which your blog belongs.

In the third box, choose the goal you want to create the blog for.

In the fourth box, specify your level of experience in creating websites.

After filling in the information, click on the Continue button.